I consider it a compliment to care for your pets and home while you are away. I enjoy what I do and so does my on-call staff.

The Mission

I strive to offer the best pet care in the business and any one on my support team must enjoy spending time with pets and getting to know their people. Expectations are high when it comes to working with me. 

We will not only take care of your pets, we'll grab your mail, make sure your trash is properly handled, plants are watered, lights are turned on and off as needed. Your house should appear lived in while you are away. If your pet needs medication, we can do it. I've got extensive experience when it comes to administering medications.
Deceased animal pick up (rodents,etc) is offered and we trap feral cats and take them for spaying/neutering/shots. We make everything as easy on you as possible so you can leave your pets without worry. Overnights are also available.  All other prices are based on your location.We'll even tuck your pets in!
I have been taking care of animals since I was a very young child. It all started when I spent my allowance on cans of Puss 'n' Boots for some feral kittens. I've had many different types of pets and I am always doing research on animals. My bookshelves are filled with animal books. I like to soak up everything I can about wild and domestic creatures and will go to just about any length to rescue them. Expect many updates since I do a lot of interesting stuff!

We will also help you find your lost pet or help find a lost pets person. I was accepted into the Vet Tech Program at the University of Nebraska and declined. I was a kid right out of high school and was scared to leave home and maybe I was afraid of failing. I don't know. What I do know is that I enjoy what I get to do at this point in my life and have since made an effort to listen and learn more about people and their pets. I get to meet so many people and take care of so many animals and that makes me happy. Got chickens? I really love chickens. Thank you for trusting me with your pets.

This is the part I don't like to bring up, yet it's important so here goes: 

Liability Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of our clients to make sure that their homes and yards are “pet-proof”. Surf Side Pet Sitting nor any of its pet sitters wil be held responsible for any furniture damage or other damages caused to homes by pets unless due to negligence on our part. We are not responsible for pets that are left outside or may escape from a client’s property when we are not on the premises. Examples of this are, client's who use doggie doors or pets who live and stay outside on a regular basis. Surf Side Pet Sitting nor its pet sitters are liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet that escapes the property, unless the pet was able to escape due to negligence on our part. Thank you for your understanding. 

“I think I could turn and live with animals, they are
so placid and self-contained,
I stand and look at them long and long.” ~ Walt Whitman

What We've Achieved

  • Trust among repeat clients.
  • Great reputation for providing excellent service.
  • An ever growing list of clients.
  • A wonderful rapport with our clients and their pets.
  • Freedom to do what we love.
  • Excellent reviews.
  • A cool lifestyle.
  • Thirst for more knowledge.