Learn how to surf and find out who lives in the ocean!



We provide the board unless you have your own. You must know how to swim in order to participate. We teach all ages. You'll get a land lesson, basic weather information to help you know when to score some waves, learn what to do if you see the "man in the gray suit", and learn some other fun facts! Safety is our number one priority!




We always do a little beach cleanup and learn a little about why it's important to protect our beaches and waterways. Investigating tide pools and marshes are some of my favorite things to do.



Private lessons: $45 for 90 minutes.

Groups of 3: $160 for 90 minutes 

Weekender: 3-4 hour day which includes lunch, surf lesson, short hike, and conservation lesson: $175 per person. Maximum of 5 people. 

A full Weekender: Two 3-4 hour days which include lunch, surf lessons,short hike, and a conservation lesson.Maximum of 5 people. Cost is: $225 per person

The Weekenders are great for families and small groups of friends who just want to have a good time while learning some cool stuff!

Just give me a call at 910.233.2167 and I'll get you scheduled!